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{YEL!} Chess 2.0 Beginner 2 (Ages 6-12) Online Course

Youth Enrichment / Brain Boosters -
2020-2021 Youth Online Catalog

For students with a basic grasp of chess piece movement, capturing, check, and checkmate, but not ready for higher level lessons. We will be studying tactics like pins, skewers, discovered and double checks, back rank mates and more. Seats are limited, so sign up soon!

We suggest participants have a computer with a microphone and speakers, high speed internet, a account (email us if you need one). We’ll be using as well as for lesson analysis. Students will also be invited to participate in free online chess tournaments using

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  Instructor {YEL!}

Community Education Online : Youth Enrichment
Thursdays, Mar 11 - Apr 29
4:15 - 5:15 PM


Ages   6 yr. - 18 yr.

Price: $ 96 00

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