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American Sign Language

Adult Enrichment / Learn a Language -
2021 Winter/Spring Adult

Want to learn basic American Sign Language skills for communicating with deaf and hard of hearing people? Expressive and receptive skills will be developed in vocabulary, finger spelling, and number concepts. Storytelling concepts, as well as translating music, will be added to this class. Focus will be on the use of ASL signs and concepts following English word order. No textbook required, handouts will be provided. 

Rebecca Wulff

Rebecca received her American Sign Language degree in 1998 and has experience working in various settings including religious, education, events and theater throughout the Rochester area since. She's passionate about signing and the communication it can support with the deaf members of our community. She is excited to share her knowledge.

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  Rebecca Wulff

Northrop Community Education Center : Rm 319
Mondays, Apr 12 - May 17
6:00 - 8:00 PM


Min Age   15 yr.

Price: $ 69 00

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