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Math-By-Mail: Standards Based Practice (Gr. 6-9)

Youth Enrichment / Brain Boosters -
2021 Summer Youth

It’s here! Keep young minds active with the locally developed Math-By-Mail curriculum. This math practice is accompanied by enrichment activities for the upcoming summer months. This curriculum has been created by current middle school math teachers with 40+ years of combined experience! Minnesota State Standards, Math Frameworks MCA strands, and current Minnesota Benchmarks are the foundation for this curriculum. With creative problem solving, multiple choice, short answer and vocabulary embedded into an 8-week course of independent study, students will maintain or increase the level of their math understanding in addition to reviewing the recommended targets suggested by grade level in the Minnesota School Academic Standards of mathematics. A pre-test will be sent to assess the appropriate skill level necessary to strengthen their individual math needs, unlike other programs that are exclusively grade level driven. Students will then receive 8 packets to complete at their own pace throughout the summer. As students finish packets, they are mailed back for feedback and then returned to the students.This program is for students entering grades 6-9 in the Fall of 2021.

No Refunds will be processed after June 1st.

All packets are due back by August 11th in order to provide timely feedback before the 2021 school year begins.


Price: $ 90 00