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  • Authentic Indian Meal: The World's Leading Ethnic Food

    Indian cuisine, the world’s leading ethnic food, brings you a complete range of delicacies. Each recipe brings out rich aromatic flavors and tastes. Recipes include: Paneer Pakora (fritter stuffed with Indian cheese cubes), Chicken Vindaloo (chicken and potatoes cooked in a tangy, hot, and spicy tomato sauce), Palak Paneer (spinach and homemade Indian cheese cubes cooked in spices and herbs), Dal Makhani (simmered stew of lentils in creamy sauce), Rice Pulau (basmati rice cooked to perfection and seasoned with onion rings, raisins, and special blend of Indian spices), Poori (deep-fried ballooned wheat bread), and Malai Burfi (cream fudges with nuts and spices).
  • Chop Like a Chef

    Learn about the different types of knives and how to use them. You will learn: how to safely hold and use a knife, how to keep it sharp in daily use, how to select the right cutting board and how to secure it, and hands-on slicing, cutting, and chopping. We will make soups and salads from our sliced vegetables. This is a hands-on class!
  • Easy Breezy Freezer Meals

    You’re busy, right? Do you ever wonder “What’s for dinner?” Do you have great intentions of planning meals to decrease dinner time stress, yet find yourself still wondering what to cook? Each participant will leave the workshop with 10 healthy freezer meals in around 2 hours. Each meal serves approximately 6 people and cost about $3.50 per serving, with a few additional items needed at cooking time. It makes meal prepping and eating healthy SOOOO super simple and you can STOP worrying about what you are feeding your family and enjoy having extra TIME on what matters most to you! Please bring your measuring cups/spoons, apron if desired, and a portable cooler to take your meals home. You may bring a spouse/significant other with you to this class for no additional charge if they will be just observing and helping. No child care is provided during this class. **When registering, select one of the following menus and indicate any dietary restrictions, including protein substitutions that need to be considered. If you want to split your meals into 2 portions of 3, you will leave with 20 freezer meals (extra $10 charge). All products are 100% gluten free, peanut free, low in sodium, sugar conscious, no MSG, 85% non-GMO, & naturally sourced. Select from the following: 1. Warm and Hearty - Picante Chicken Skillet, Citrus Chicken, slow cooker Bolognese, Easy Gyros, Roasted Mediterranean pork, Black Bean Quesadillas, Chicken Parmesan, Quick Tomato and Veggie Soup, Greek one pan Shrimp and Sausage, Beef Chili Tacos 2. Quick and Easy (Instant Pot and Slow Cooking) - Creamy Ranch Chicken Chili, Pulled Chicken Tacos, Cha Cha Chili, Chicken Wild Rice Soup, Homestyle Meatloaf, Chicken Fajitas, 3 onion Hawaiian Sliders, Beef Stroganoff, Taco Alfredo, Taco Pie, Italian Beef Sandwiches 3. Everyday Meals - Greek Chicken Pitas, Italian Marinated Steak, Taco Chicken Alfredo, Lemon Dill sheet Pan Pork Chops and Vegetables, Breakfast Burrito Hash, Skillet Tuscan Chicken, Gyro Burgers, slow cooker Shredded Beef Burritos, Lemon Dilly Chicken, Salmon Alfredo Primavera. 4. Comfort Classics - Pecan Crusted Chicken, Perfect Roasted Chicken and Root Vegetables, Savory Honey Mustard Pork Chops, Garlic Butter Chicken with Sweet Potato JoJos, Steak and Vegetables, Italian Pork Tenderloin, Greek Pork Tenderloin, Bacon Cheeseburger soup, slow cooker Rotisserie Chicken, Chicken and Broccoli Wild Rice Soup. **All groceries will be prepped, cut, bagged and prepared by a registered dietitian prior to the class. An additional $180-$220 fee (depending on the kit selected and meat prices) is needed for groceries 10 days prior to attending this workshop. Contact Aletha Drenth to submit payment by emailing or calling - leedrenth@gmail.com or 507-381-4782. For more information, visit the Motivate Mom Mission webpage for videos and testimonials - http://www.motivatedmommission.com/
  • High Tea Anyone?

    Come and experience this complete three-course tea with sandwiches, scones, sweets, and a dessert finale. High Tea is a misnomer, it originates from eating at a high dining table rather than a low tea table. The English ceremony of afternoon tea dates back to the 1840s as a way to ward off inevitable hunger before dinner. It is less a working class meal and more of an event and has become an elegant affair served in many restaurants and hotels across the world.
  • Indian Cooking Made Easy

    Indian cooking is easy, tasty, and versatile. In this class Ashwini will take the mystery out of Indian cooking. With her cooking experiences, she has been able to combine the exotic and alluring tastes of India with the practical demands of today's lifestyle. Her expertise lies in tasty, home-style and authentic Indian cooking. Recipes include: Aloo Gobi (cauliflower and potatoes with fresh ginger, cumin seeds, and seasoning), Murgh Korma (tender pieces of chicken cooked with yogurt, herbs, and aromatic spices), Dal Makhani (black lentils and kidney beans cooked with cream, herbs, and spices); Jerra Rice (steamed basmati rice cooked with cumin seasoning), Puffed Poori (deep fried Indian wheat bread), and Masala Chai (Indian tea made with tea leaves and tea spice).
  • Indian Cooking for a Party

    Ashwini will help you learn how to plan a fabulous Indian party. Recipes include: Samosa (crisp turnovers filled with potatoes, peas, nuts and herbs), Tamarind Date Chutney (sweet and sour lightly spiced sauce), Saffron and Basmati Rice with Nuts and Spices, Chicken or Lamb Masala Curry (curried variety with cashew nut sauce), Shahi Matar Paneer (homemade Indian cheese with green peas cooked in mild herbs and spice sauce), Chapatis (grilled whole-wheat flat bread), and Indian Masala Chai (spiced Indian tea made with cream and cardamom, for a king or queen).
  • Instant Pot Basics

    Whether you love to cook or not, for many of us dinnertime is the most stressful time of day. Does 5 PM ever hit and you wonder “What’s for dinner???” Did you happen to buy a Pressure Cooker/Instant Pot hoping that you could decrease dinner time stress and unsure of how to use it or need some good healthy recipes to feed your family? Well... we have the answer and you won't want to miss this event. Enjoy a fun evening of making a five course meal all done by the Instant Pot! We will be sharing some of our tried and true tricks and tips that will help reduce that stress and help you get healthy meals on the table! So, put this on your calendar and even make it a date night with your significant other (each person needs to register) so they learn how to use the Instant Pot as well! At the end of the class we will all enjoy the yummy food we cooked and we will share recipes to help you conquer your fear of the Instant Pot. You will be so happy you learned how to incorporate this incredible machine to help you eat at home more, staying healthy with your goals, and create less fuss and simplified meals. *** Each participant needs to register for the class. ** Childcare is NOT provided for this class. Bring your Pressure Cooker /Instant Pot, measuring cups and spoons for class. There are no refunds 10 days prior to class because food products are ordered in advance.
  • Preserving the Harvest

    This beginner's class covers topics of cold storage, freezing, dehydrating, and canning. Upon completion of this class students will: understand how to safely store food in a variety of ways; be able to choose a food preservation method fitting the food type and intended use; know how to choose a dehydrator, blancher, canner, and other tools for food preservation; and have a list of food items they can begin preserving right away. Bring a lunch!
  • Simple Salads

    Are you looking for some new salad ideas for spring? Join Kathy, Hy-Vee South Dietitian, for this salad-inspiring session. In this class, we will prepare and sample four delicious salads together, including a Strawberry Salad, Fruity Walnut Salad, Grape Salad with Feta and Olives, and Apple Cashew Salad. This class is hands-on. Recipes will be included along with tips for salads and homemade dressings.