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  • Camp Invention (Gr K-6)

    *PLEASE NOTE CAMP INVENTION HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED! PLEASE SEE NEW DATES BELOW* Camp Invention is a high-energy, hands-on STEM camp that will unmask your child's creativity, build their confidence, teach collaboration, and transform their wild imaginations into epic creations! This year, Camp Invention will host 2 different weeks, each with different modules, themes, and activities! Camp Invention 2020 Camp Invention: Elevate Program Dates: July 27-31 M-F Program Times: 9:00 AM-3:30PM Program Location: Gibbs Elementary School, 5525 56th St NW, Rochester MN Program Cost: $270 Camp Invention: Launch Program Dates: August 3-7 M-F Program Times: 9:00 AM-3:30PM Program Location: Gibbs Elementary School, 5525 56th St NW, Rochester MN Program Cost: $270 Registration is ONLY through Camp Invention. You may call 800-968-4332 or visit registration page HERE
  • Chess Camp (Gr. 2-4 & 5-8)

    Chess for all ages ands stages! Rochester CE Chess camp is sure to improve your game! Students will learn basic concepts of the game, as well as fundamental concepts such as castling and check. Beginner and advanced strategy will be taught so you can learn how to attack the enemy king! Multiple achievement levels will be sure to challenge everyone from beginner to expert! Show what you've got by mastering the next level.
  • MagiKids! Learn Magic: The Gathering (Ages 10 & Up)

    MAGIC is like playing chess…with monsters…on baseball cards! Want to cast spells like Harry Potter? Want the Sorting Hat to help you pick one (or more) of the five MAGIC colors to play? Our nonprofit organization was built for you, and our CARDWARTS program gets you started! We help build skills such as critical thinking, math, and reading. MAGIC can also encourage socialization and engagement, with minimal screen time! Our Sort, Build, Play curriculum gets kids to engage with the game in a way that not only keeps them focused on learning in that moment, but makes it more likely they will stick with it down the road. We will provide cards, sleeves and deck boxes to all participants who come willing to learn and have fun! Want to try it first? Go to and click on MTG Arena. Class location Magikids, 4229 W. Frontage Rd NW, Hwy 52 N.
  • Math-By-Mail: Standards Based Practice (Gr. 6-9)

    For students entering grades 6-9 in Fall 2020. It’s here! Keep young minds active with the locally developed Math-By-Mail curriculum. This math practice is accompanied by enrichment activities for the upcoming summer months. This curriculum has been created by current middle school math teachers with 40+ years of combined experience! Minnesota State Standards, Math Frameworks MCA strands, and current Minnesota Benchmarks are the foundation for this curriculum. With creative problem solving, multiple choice, short answer and vocabulary embedded into an 8-week course of independent study, students will maintain or increase the level of their math understanding in addition to reviewing the recommended targets suggested by grade level in the Minnesota School Academic Standards of mathematics. A pre-test will be sent by June 15 to assess the appropriate skill level necessary to strengthen their individual math needs, unlike other programs that are exclusively grade level driven. Students will then receive 8 packets to complete at their own pace throughout the summer. As students finish packets, they are mailed back for feedback and then returned to the students. All packets are due back by August 17th in order to provide timely feedback before the 2020 school year begins.
  • Schaeffer Academy: Adventures in Reading (Gr. 1-3)

    Children will review and enhance reading skills while traveling through time and place to explore a different theme each day: Dinosaur Era, Wild West, Outer Space, Pirates of the Sea, and the Arctic/Antarctic Poles. Students will engage in shared reading, independent reading/writing, and various fun activities including songs, games, and snacks related to the topic. Highlights include digging up dinosaurs, panning for gold, creating a constellation, shooting off rockets, and following a treasure map to discover a treasure. Class will meet in the kindergarten and first grade classrooms 111 and 113. at Schaeffer Academy, 2700 Schaeffer LN NE.
  • Schaeffer Academy: Preparing for Kindergarten (Kindergarten Fall 2020)

    A Place to Grow, Explore, and Play for children entering Kindergarten in FALL 2020 Children will develop readiness skills to prepare for a successful first year in school. A balance of structured and self-guided activities will be provided by Schaeffer’s own experienced kindergarten teacher, Ms. Linda Davis. Bring a sack lunch to eat in the lunchroom. Class will meet in the kindergarten classroom at Schaeffer Academy, 2700 Schaeffer Lane NE, Rochester MN.
  • {YEL!} Summer Chess Camp (Gr. 1-6)

    Youth Enrichment League’s {YEL!} summer chess camp works with all levels of students. Beginners learn Piece Movement, Capturing, Check, Checkmate, Castling and more; returning students study intermediate lessons (Pins, Forks, Back Rank Mates, as examples); advanced students will study Elimination of Defense, Opening Theory and other advanced concepts. Our summer camps are fun, fast-paced and packed with information. Battle summer brain drain and procure the necessary tools to beat your dad at chess! Sign up today! Visit for more information.