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  • Finding Me: Parent Self-Care

    Do you put so much energy into keeping everything going (work, children and family, grocery shopping, cleaning) that you’ve forgotten what it feels like to care for yourself? Caring for yourself can benefit your children and your parenting. In this two-part online class, we’ll discuss how caring for ourselves can improve our parenting, use art and brainstorming to build self-compassion, and explore daily self-care practices. (This is about so much more than finding time for a manicure or watching the game.)
  • Infant Sleep (0-18 Months)

    Wondering where the phrase “sleep like a baby” came from now that you are a parent? Join this one-hour online class to learn more about what to expect regarding infant sleep, hear about the science behind sleep, and explore specific strategies to support infant sleep while staying emotionally connected. We’ll also talk about how to stay healthy and care for yourself in this stressful time.
  • Potty Training

    Did you know that the average child uses over 8,000 diapers from birth to potty training? And did you know that the average parent has questions about how best to begin the potty training process? In this one-hour online class we will discuss the signs a child is ready for the potty, walk through potty training methods, explain the difference between night and daytime success, and troubleshoot possible resistance and problems.